12 False Claims About Women

Dalrock’s post What Do HUSies Want continues to coerce Deti into yielding nuggets.

Here are some false claims about women which the manosphere has utterly destroyed:

1. Claim: Women are altruistic and good, always seeking the good of others.

Truth: Women SOMETIMES are altruistic and good, and SOMETIMES seek the good of others. Women can and often do act ruthlessly in their own self interest.

2. Claim: Women do not lie about sex.

Truth: Women can and do lie about sex, their sexual histories and their pasts. A woman can and will lie about her past history and her partner count if she deems it to be to her advantage, or to avoid shame or guilt. It is often said that women are rarely honest about their partner counts and find creative ways to fudge their counts downward.

A good way to get to the truth about a woman’s partner count is to use the following formula: Multiply her admitted partner count by 3. Another thing to consider is that most women include in their partner counts only sober P in V “relationship” sex. The true partner count is reflected in the number of men whose penises she has seen or touched, his penis penetrated any of her orifices, or she participated in any act ending in the vernacular “-job”. If she’s touched his d**k, she’s “had sex with” him, and it counts.

3. Claim: Women want soft, kind, gentle sex and need to be treated with delicacy in the bedroom. Missionary position is the only appropriate position.

Truth: Women like soft sex only sometimes. Most prefer vigorous sex and really get off on it. And most women really like the rear entry or “doggie style” position because it requires her trust and submission. Most also like woman on top because it lets her control most of the movement.

4. Claim: Women want to be equals in the bedroom and they don’t like giving BJs.

Truth: Women want a man to dominate them in the bedroom. Most are not into BDSM, but most women want to be told when it is time for sex, they want to be told what to do and how to do it. Most women like to give BJs if they are told to do it and how to do it.

5. Claim: Women never cheat on boyfriends or husbands.

Truth: Given the right circumstances, right man, right time, and low odds of detection, many women can and will cheat. And she cheats for different reasons than men do. Men who cheat do so for sexual variety. Most women who cheat do so because they have lost attraction for their BF or husband.

6. Claim: If a wife cheats, it is because her husband is being unkind to her or has driven her to cheat.

Truth: If a wife cheats it is because she has lost attraction for her husband. And she has probably lost attraction because he isn’t leading her and acting dominantly in the marriage.

7. Claim: If a wife cheats, it is easy to restore the marriage.

Truth: Wife cheating is nearly always fatal to a marriage. It is more than her losing attraction. Once a woman has lost attraction for a man it is nearly impossible for her to feel that attraction again. Both husband and wife know that once she has broken the marriage and sought sex from another man, she has fully, totally and completely rejected her husband. She has sent the message to her husband that another man is better able to satisfy her. Another man is better, stronger and more suitable. Her husband is not good enough and an unacceptable mate. It is nearly impossible for a marriage to recover from such utter and complete rejection.

8. Claim: Women are always kind and caring to their husbands or boyfriends.

Truth: Women are sometimes kind and caring. But, women have a capacity for verbal and emotional cruelty than men cannot even approach. Once a woman is no longer in love with a man, she moves on from him and forgets him as easily as if she had never known him.

9. Claim: Christian women are different, more spiritual and less hypergamous than nonChristian women. Christian women are better suited to marriage and motherhood because of their spiritual discipline and training.

Truth: In terms of attraction, mating and basic sexual behavior, Christian women are no different from their secular sisters. They’re Christian, but they’re still women. Hypergamy is far worse among Christian women because they are raised from young childhood as “daughters of the King” and taught to “never settle” for just any man. They are told from childhood that God is “preparing a man just for you” and he will be perfect because God is perfect and God makes no mistakes and God is not a man and does not lie. In marriage, many Christian women are fed scriptural support for their beliefs, requiring the man to love sacrificially and unconditionally, but he must earn her respect.

10. Claim: Christian women are less prone to divorce than nonChristian women.

Truth: This is only somewhat true. The US national divorce rate is around 50%. The divorce rate for all those claiming Christ is 38%.

11. Claim: Christian women never have sex before marriage.

Truth: Given the right man, right circumstances, right time and low risk of detection, many Christian women will be willing to have premarital sex. Certainly not all do, but many have.

12. Claim: Women never act selfishly.

Truth: Women are capable of acting in their own self interests as much as any man. A woman is fully capable of fraud, deceit, manipulation, cunning, lying, ruthless self-interest, obfuscation, rationalization, shading the truth, and more. if she believes it to be in her interest or to her advantage.

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4 Responses to 12 False Claims About Women

  1. jlw says:

    If you like this guy, and you think good discussion is often hid in the comments instead of in the post itself, you need to look back upon the old realm of snark and wisdom, Usenet, and one of its Gods: The Danimal – Daniel Mocsny of Cincinnati. Some people go on and on about Kibo, but Kibo doesn’t hold a candle to the Danimal. Although the Danimal no longer posts on Google Groups nee Usenet (who does?), his followers abound. Samples:

    “For unattractive people, ‘love’ actually is grim. It’s like when quadriplegics discuss walking.”

    “Men pay attention to physically attractive women long before they know anything about their personalities. Furthermore, men are more willing to give attractive women the benefit of the doubt. An attractive woman with the “same” personality as a fat woman will seem to have a better personality, because her good looks bias the perceptions of men.”

    “If you don’t want your children to be bullied, make sure they have the traits necessary to land up near the top of the social hierarchy for children.”

    “That book “He’s Just Not That Into You” was like a great intellectual leap for women, as if many women did not even have the concept that a man might not want to have sex with them (or keep having sex with them). Women have been sold the huge lie that every woman is equally entitled to the same storybook relationship with her dream man. And women generally believe it because they don’t hit on guys and get rejected hundreds of times. Do you think anybody needs to write a book “Dude: Chicks Don’t Dig You”? “Dudes” already know they don’t get much love from most chicks.”

    “If you think I’m harsh, try going out and talking to women. I don’t know everything there is to know about picking up women, but I will tell you this: if a bit of mild criticism rattles your cage, you’d better stick to safer pursuits.”

    There’s much more here at one of the archives: http://myrsky.net/faust3/danimal-archive-part-1/index.html

    [I’m old enough to remember Usenet and 2400 baud dial-up modems. I updated the link to take people to part 1 of the archives.]

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  3. Emma the Emo says:

    You have a one of a kind definition of sex, I gotta say. According to it, I’ve had sex with my father (we all went to a sauna naked as a family and everyone saw everyone). What do you base it on?

  4. Randy says:

    A lot of these only really stupid guys that haven’t dated many women believe.

    [ I’ve given this comment temporary benefit-of-doubt for you to make your case Randy and show me you’re NOT posting stuff like this for the purpose of backlinks and traffic to your site. For future reference one-liner statements like these without justifying their position will be deleted. ]

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