About Female Partner Count

A short but pretty accurate reflection on how women rationalize (aka LIE) about their partner count:

At their core, women most certainly do know that a high partner count is unattractive. That’s why they fudge it down. Look for things like this, it doesn’t count because:

  • I was drunk/high/stoned
  • he was drunk/high/stoned
  • I didn’t come
  • he didn’t come
  • he got whiskeydick and went soft
  • he didn’t finish
  • it was a one-night stand
  • I didn’t like it
  • it was just a BJ/titjob/handjob/rimjob
  • it was on vacation/spring break/travel/study abroad
  • he was an ex boyfriend
  • it was anal

Many women will say that only sober P in V sex within a relationship counts. Women should know the rule of thumb is this:

If you have touched his penis or any part of his body penetrated one of your orifices, you have “had sex with” him and he counts toward your partner count total. Note the above is disjunctive, not conjunctive.

[Clarification for women, most men consider] You had sex with him if:

  • he performed cunnilingus on you.
  • he fingerbanged you.
  • you fellated him.
  • you jerked him off
  • he had anal sex with you.
  • he tittyf**ked you.
  • he had P in V sex with you and pulled out and ejaculated outside your body.
  • he didn’t finish for whatever reason.
  • you did any of the above while either or both of you were under the influence of any kind of chemical.
  • you did any of the above while on vacation/spring break/away from home.
  • you did any of the above and kept it secret from your friends.

Source: UMAN

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3 Responses to About Female Partner Count

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  2. Nupnupnup says:

    “If you have touched his penis”

    This I would disagree with. Also the guy touching her pussy. That can easily happen during heavy make out sessions. (Thought it would conveniently up my notch count 🙂

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