A list of common acronyms found in the manosphere:

AFAIK   >> As far as I know
AMALT   >> All men are like that
ASAP    >> As soon as possible
AWALT   >> All women are like that
BFF     >> Best friend forever
BTW     >> By the way
DHMIAG  >> Don't hit me I'm a girl
FAQ     >> Frequently asked questions
FUD     >> Fear, uncertainty and doubt
FWIW    >> For what it's worth
GF      >> Girl friend
IANAL   >> I am not a lawyer
IIRC    >> If I remember/recall correctly
IMHO    >> In my humble opinion
IMO     >> In my opinion
IOI     >> Indicators Of Interest
IOW     >> In other words
IRL     >> In real life
KISS    >> Keep it simple, stupid
LJBF    >> Let's just be friends
LOL     >> Laughing out loud
MMP     >> Marriage Marketplace
MMV     >> Marriage Market Value
NAMALT  >> Not all men are like that
NAWALT  >> Not all momen are like that
OTOH    >> On the other hand
PITA    >> Pain in the ass
PUA     >> Pick-up artist
ROFL    >> Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO >> Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
SMP     >> Sexual Marketplace
SMV     >> Sexual Market Value
SWPL    >> Stuff white people like
WYSIWYG >> What you see is what you get
YMMV    >> Your mileage may vary

One Response to Acronyms

  1. CoffeeCrazed says:

    Is SWPL always “Stuff white people like”? I have seen it used where that expansion doesn’t seeem to fit.

    [That is what it is supposed to mean. I agree with you that it doesn’t fit. Whenever I see it used my mind registers it as stupid white people

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